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Security personnel and Rakhine kill Rohingya, burn the house within the curfew period

Rohingya Blogger

The authority imposed curfew in Maungdaw from 6:00pm to 6:00am. But, they security personnel and Rakhine jointly killed Rohingya and set on fire Rohingya house and property within the curfew period.

The security force (Police, Hlumtin and Nasaka) killed four Rohingya villagers from Khanda Para ( Myo thu Gyi) of Maungdaw town. The dead bodies were kept by security personnel in their trunks at about 11:30pm, according to a local from Myothu Gyi .

Riot police with together Rakhines are now jointly attacking the Rohingya villagers in the Maungdaw town at 11:45, said a local from Maungdaw.

The trucks of Nasaka and security force parked in the Maungdaw football ground where the Rakhine community takes the petrol from the security vehicles where the Rakhine used these petrol to set fire the Rohingya houses. The security personnel are covering the Rakhine community to set fire. If any Rohingya came out to protect their houses and property, the security personnel fired into Rohingya

The security forces set on fire the Kadir Bill village at 11: 30 pm.

The Nasaka personnel fired more than 50 round on the air while Rohingya from Udaung gather on the road at about 10:00pm. Nobody was injured.


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