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Special Report: Buddhist genocide plan Rohingya in Arakan during one year

Friday | 15/02/2013

Rohingya News Agency : According to reports from Arakan State, western Burma ‎‎,continue gangs Buddhist and supported by the Burmese authorities raids in homes of ‎Rohingya’s Muslims and arresting men and young people, and raping several girls in so ‎many villages City “Monghdow” and its neighboring towns, while visiting theUnited Nations ‎Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Burma, “Thomas Quintana” a number of refugee ‎camps in “Akiab” and the neighboring villages.

A number of correspondents and news agency Rohingya during the past two days, the ‎official Burmese camp No. 5 northern city “Monghdow” which extorted a lot of money from ‎the Rohingya in the southern regions of the city want to repeat it did in the northern ‎regions depositing people in jails and prisons and not released until after payment large ‎sums of money.
Reporter news agency correspondent Rohingya in the town “Odang” that clashes between ‎the Muslim Rohingya and ethnic Arkan within farm belonging to Rohingya’s, after he ‎stormed Buddhists to steal livestock and fruit, but because of resistance Rohingya attempt ‎failed.

According to news agency Contact Rohingyas in northern Arakan that 25 Buddhist ‎Bangladeshi family were stopped by border guards Bangladesh and they want to sneak into ‎the Arakan, they protested they were visiting relatives in the Arakan, and was allowing them ‎to bypass the border.‎

The News Agency correspondent Rohingyas in northern Arakan that the number of ‎detainees Rohingya on Thursday reached 30 Rohingya from the village “to Odaúnng” and ‎‎21 detainees from the village “Nkovra” and 34 detainees from the village “Khasarbel” and 3 ‎detainees from the village, “Judge Bill” and 13 detaineesfrom the village “Frambur” and 14 ‎detainees from Grira “Nishapur”

The news agency correspondent Arakan Rohingya from East to the military governor of ‎Arakan met with Buddhist monks on Wednesday and they divide the tasks, the Rohingya ‎are a genocide during one year only.
A reporter and news agency Rohingyas in “Monghdow” that the secret government plan ‎now being applied on the ground, and according to resettle tens of immigrant families ‎Buddhism from Bangladesh in the Muslim villages and neighborhoods after the confiscation ‎of their homes and agricultural land.‎

Also confirms news agency correspondents Rohingyas in Arakan that villagers and Muslim ‎neighborhoods in the case of the most difficult people live in refugee camps, because of the ‎curfew markets are closed


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