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Aye Chan is not well educated : Dr.Abid Bahar

Aye Chan is not well educated
If I can have a face to face debate with Mr. Chan, I could prove that he is not well educated. To prove your point you don’t say you are a historian. You prove yourself a historian by answering questions like a historian. The point is Aye Chan is not a historian. He actually doesn’t know the difference between primary and secondary source. It’s all on record. When Mr. Oo asked him a pointed question with evidence,Aye Chan instead of answering the question said, he is a historian. This type of answer must be good for his ethnocentric Rakhine audience who tend to think ” I am right and you are always wrong.”
I was really shocked to see the two western gentleman when they didn’t take over the microphone from the loudmouth Are Chan and clarify to the attendants the topic and saying that Aye Chan was wrong.

Dr.Abid Bahar


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