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Long Live Your Majesty The King: A Plea for Clemency (ထိုင္း ဘုရင္မင္းျမတ္ ထံကို အသနား ခံခ်က္)

ထိုင္းဘုရင္မင္းျမတ္ထံကို အသနားခံခ်က္


A Plea for Clemency

Your Majesty,

We would like to pray for you and your royal  family. We would like to pray for your citizens as well. Dear Sir, please give your mercy on  us, ordinary men for asking for your  clemency.

We think you have learnt that two Myanmar  men were sentenced to death on Thursday  for murdering two British backpackers on  Koh Tao last year. We are not going to  complain that the jury sentenced the real  offenders to death if they really committed  a crime. However, Sir, this case is  complicated by different evidences.

We have heard that although police said both defendants confessed to the killings and that DNA samples linked them to the crimes, they  testified that they were tortured, beaten and  threatened so they would confess.

It was said that DNA evidence showed that  the semen of both men was found inside  Witheridge, but the DNA found on a garden  hoe police say was the murder weapon did  not belong to the defendants. Moreover, an  expert witness testified that the hoe  contained DNA from two males, but not the

Dear Sir, we have heard that the first DNA test had to be made under the supervision  of the police and the second DNA test
made by the independent expert.

Although police carried out DNA tests on  more than 200 people on Koh Tao, we are not crystal clear about how many independent  experts participated in those DNA tests. In  fact both men were arrested on suspicion of  murder.

On that day on which the two Myanmar men  were sentenced to death for murdering two  British backpackers, Human Rights Watch  called for the ruling to be reviewed in a  “transparent and fair appeal process”.

Your Majesty, now the parents of both  defendants are grieving for their sons under  sentence of death. You are noted as the  world’s longest-reigning monarch who is  very kind to your citizens and others.

You are kindly requested to consider our  appeal for the two suspected men,
accordingly. They are at the mercy of the  Royal King. Your Majesty, please, we would  like you to give those two men the benefit of  the doubt.

Let us hope your kindness to them.


With the greatest respect,

Ye Kyaw Thura
On behalf of concerned Myanmar people

News Reference; Bangkok Post


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