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Myanmar Calls the World to Forget Using the Term Rohingya


Posted by: admin  in Burma News
May 30, 2016 

The Rohingya is the most persecuted ethnic minority group among the persecuted minorities of the world according to the recognition of United Nations and Human Rights Groups outside Myanmar. But according to Myanmar government and Buddhist nationalists, the Rohingya Muslims are treated as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh living in the western Rakhine State.
Myanmars foreign ministry is calling other governments of the world to abstain from using the Term Rohingya as it is deemed offensive by many people inside the country.
But last month, the United States embassy in Myanmar issued a statement expressing condolence to the bereaved families of Rohingya boat refugees who died in an accident after boat capsized.
We extend our condolences to the bereaved families of the victims who local reports stated were from the Rohingya community. Restrictions on access to markets, livelihoods, and other basic services in Rakhine State can lead to communities unnecessarily risking their lives in an attempt to improve their quality of life, said the US Embassy.
The statement of US ambassador raged Buddhist nationalists who staged a demonstration in front of the US embassy carrying banners with messages like Those who use the word Rohingya are our enemies! and Dont meddle in our internal affairs!
They claimed that the Rohingya should be called Bengalis because they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.
The majority of Rohingya are Muslims who have been living near the Myanmar-Bangladesh border for centuries. But the Myanmar government has refused to recognize the Rohingya as one of the countrys ethnic groups.
Multiple conflicts between Buddhist extremists and Muslim groups have forced displace the Rohingya from their communities and some fled to neighboring Southeast Asian countries as boat refugees while many took shelter in makeshift camps in the country.
In his speech at the United Kingdom Parliament, Myanmars first ever Catholic Cardinal Charles Maung Bo described the Rohingya as among the most marginalized, dehumanized and persecuted people in the world.


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