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In the 17th century, Mrauk U was home to a diverse population including Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Hindus; from Arakan, Burma proper, Bengal, North India, Northeast India, the Middle East and Europe Coinage with a Arabic inscription from Bengali-ruled Arakan, 16th century Arakan ( ARR-ə-kan or AR-ə-kahn[1]) is a historic coastal region in Southeast Asia. […]

Mayu Frontier District

  Map of Rakhine State with the Mayu Frontier District highlighted in red. The Mayu Frontier District (Burmese: မေယုနယ်ခြားခရိုင်) was a short-lived administrative zone of Burma (present-day Myanmar) which existed between 1961 and 1964. It covered the Maungdaw District of present-day Rakhine State in the historical region of Arakan. The zone was administered directly from […]

တုိင္းရင္းသား အစီစဥ္မွ ထုတ္ လြင္႔ခဲ႔ေသာ ရုိဟင္ဂ်ာ လူမ်ဳိးစု အသံ