Both Dereek Tonkin and Dr.J.Leider, long serving dictators and racial extremists in Myanmar, have tried to obliterate Rohingya identity. Nowadays, their effort to refute the authenticity of Rohingya identity reached International level as Oxford University Press’s Asian History Unit commissioned Dr.J Lieder to write a reference article on the Rohingya. Here what we must know […]

Kofi Annan and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

By Aman Ullah “The sovereignty of States must no longer be used as a shield for gross violations of human rights”. Kofi Annan Until terrorism overwhelmed international attention after 11 September 2001, the really big issue in international relations – the one that must have launched a thousand Ph.Ds – was the ‘‘right of humanitarian […]

Pope Francis leaves Rohingya out of ‘message of peace’

By Coconuts Yangon Nov. 28, 2017 Pope Francis delivers a “message of peace” in Naypyidaw on November 28, 2017. Pope Francis refrained from addressing the Rohingya refugee crisis head-on during his speech to diplomats in Naypyidaw this afternoon, keeping in line with the advice with local Catholic leaders. Peace can only be achieved through “justice […]

U.S. Congress members decry ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Myanmar; Suu Kyi doubts allegations

Antoni Slodkowski, Yimou Lee YANGON/NAYPYITAW (Reuters) – Members of the U.S. Congress said on Tuesday operations carried out against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar had “all the hallmarks” of ethnic cleansing, while the country’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi expressed doubts about allegations of rights abuses. Rohingya refugee Suray Khatun, 70, is carried by her […]

Burma-Rohingya Crisis: UK has received ‘very troubling’ evidence that might suggest ‘genocide’ has been committed

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson tells Commons the evidence will have to be collated and analysed to see whether it amounts to something fitting the legal definition of genocide Rohingya Muslims who have fled to Bangladesh on makeshift rafts have accused the Burmese military of murder and rape AP Images The UK has received “very troubling” evidence […]

United Nations Security Council issues presidential statement on Myanmar after 10 years

By Aman Ullah The UN Security Council has issued a presidential statement on Myanmar complimenting and criticising the country over its stance on the Rohingya crisis and it also gave the government a month to “get its act together”. The 1,300- word statement was read out by the sitting President of UNSC Sebastiano Cardi, the […]

Myanmar’s fallen hero: the silence of Aung San Suu Kyi

Photo: EPA Asia Under her rule Rohingya Muslims, a persecuted minority in Myanmar, are fleeing to Bangladesh. “If I am asked why I am fighting for democracy in Burma,” Aung San Suu Kyi said in her Nobel lecture on 16 June 2012, “it is because I believe that democratic institutions and practices are necessary for the […]