Islam and Minority in Myanmar

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Documents: 1.Rohingya in Bangladesh 2.History of Arakan 3.An open prison for the Rohingya in Burma  4.Between Integration and Secession by Moshe Yega 5.We Are Like a Soccer Ball -2003 by Chris Lewa 6.Rape Force labor and religious persecution in Arakan by Asia Watch (1992) 7.Encyclopedia of the South East Asia Ethnography (Arakan) 8.History of Arakan […]

British census vs Francis Buchanan-Hamilton (1799) evidence on Rohingya

Submitted by moderator on Tue, 06/17/2014 – 08:52   Attached is Derek Tonkin’s discussion about Francis Buchanan-Hamilton’s work in 1799, which many pro-Rohingya activists citing as an evidence for the existence of historic-Rohingya ( i.e. Rohingya ethnic or tribal group ). He makes important point of interpreting F B-H document carefully against existing British census […]

The BestDocuments of Rohingya

The speech delivered by Brigadier General Aung Gyi on 4 July 1961

          (“Myanmar Alin” 8-7-61 page 5-6) The speech delivered by Brigadier General Aung Gyi on 4th July 1961, at Maungdaw, North Arakan. Brigadier General Aung Gyi (1919-2012) Vice Chief of Staff of Burma I want to speak a little in this arms laying down ceremony (at Maungdaw, July 4, 1961) of the  resistance group who […]

The Census of British Burma

Sharing of Historical facts: The Authenticity of “Rohingya Identity”