The speech delivered by Brigadier General Aung Gyi on 4 July 1961

          (“Myanmar Alin” 8-7-61 page 5-6) The speech delivered by Brigadier General Aung Gyi on 4th July 1961, at Maungdaw, North Arakan. Brigadier General Aung Gyi (1919-2012) Vice Chief of Staff of Burma I want to speak a little in this arms laying down ceremony (at Maungdaw, July 4, 1961) of the  resistance group who […]


In the 17th century, Mrauk U was home to a diverse population including Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Hindus; from Arakan, Burma proper, Bengal, North India, Northeast India, the Middle East and Europe Coinage with a Arabic inscription from Bengali-ruled Arakan, 16th century Arakan ( ARR-ə-kan or AR-ə-kahn[1]) is a historic coastal region in Southeast Asia. […]

Mayu Frontier District

  Map of Rakhine State with the Mayu Frontier District highlighted in red. The Mayu Frontier District (Burmese: မေယုနယ်ခြားခရိုင်) was a short-lived administrative zone of Burma (present-day Myanmar) which existed between 1961 and 1964. It covered the Maungdaw District of present-day Rakhine State in the historical region of Arakan. The zone was administered directly from […]

Is the Rakhine the original people of Arakan? by U Kyaw Min

Thanks to Dr. Michael W. Charney. He raised recently the crucial question, which is the principal cause of Rakhine conflict today. The question he raised is who are the Rakhine? Where do they come from? Burman and their affiliated ethnic Rakine traditionally mixed religion with ethnicity from the beginning. They say they are Sakya Saki […]

Mr Sultan Mahmud and Statehood of Arakan : By Amn Ullah

Mr Sultan Mahmud and Statehood of Arakan : By Amn Ullah “If two brothers cannot live together they must live apart independently of each other”. Sultan Mahmud Sultan Mahmud was a prominent leader of Burma and Muslims of Arakan. He was born and brought up at Akyab and educated at Calcutta. Mr. Sultan Mahmud was […]

The Traditional Demand of the Rohingya of North Arakan (2) by Aman Ullah

The Demands of of Jamiatul Ulama and Its Achivement By Aman Ullah Jamiatul Ulama in North Arakan, the first Political Organization of Rohingya, was established in 1932 under the leadership of Moulana Abdus Subhan Mazaheri. Moulan Habibur Rahman. Moulana Amir Hamza, mufti Saeedur Rahman, Moulana Sayed Azeem, Moulana Sultan Ahmad, Moulana Abdush Shakur and Moulana […]

Muslim influence in the kingdom of Arakan

Muslim influence in the kingdom of Arakan Muslim Arakanese or Rohingya are indigenous to Arakan. Having genealogical linkup with the people of Wesali or Vesali kingdom of Arakan, the Rohingya of today are a perfect example of its ancient inhabitants. The early people in Arakan were descended from Aryans. They were Indians resembling the people […]