Arakan History

“Rohingya: The name, the movement, the quest for identity.” Yangon, 2013. | Jacques P Leider –

[“Rohingya: The name, the movement, the quest for identity.” Yangon, 2013. | Jacques P Leider –] is good,have a look at it!

The Authenticity of “Rohingya Identity”

To begin this chapter let me start with the quotation of a famous historian. He (Moshe Yegar) writes; “Today Arakanese Muslim calls themselves Rohingya or Roewengya. – – – writers and poets appeared  among the Arakanese Muslims, especially during fifteenth to eighteenth centuries; and there were even some Muslim court poets at the courts of […]

Dr Edward Hamilton Johnston and Anandacandra Stone Inscription

Aman Ulla RB History March 13, 2016 Edward Hamilton Johnston (1885 –1942) was a British oriental scholar who was Boden Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Oxford from 1937 until his death. Edward Hamilton Johnston was born in 1885 and was educated at New College, Oxfordwhere he obtained a first-class degree in 1907. He joined the Indian Civil Service, winning […]

႐ုိဟင္​ဂ်ာ သည္​ ျမန္​မာႏုိင္​ငံ၏ တုိင္​းရင္​းသား စစ္​ စစ္​၊ The Rohingyas are Indigenous Race of Burma

The Rohingyas are Indigenous Race of Burma  By Aman Ullah  “Muslims of Arakan certainly belong to one of the indigenous races of Burma which you represent. In fact there is no pure indigenous race in Burma, and that if you do not belong to indigenous races of Burma, we also cannot be taken an indigenous […]

Dr Francis Buchanan MD and Rohingya

By Aman Ullah On 24th March 1798 Buchanan reached at Choonooty of Chittagong, as Rennell calls, Sunouttee, and then he went Hrvang village, and also Baratulla Valley. There he said, “All the way from Chanpour to Baratulla we have had low hills between us and sea: ….Various parts of the Hills in this neighbourhood are […]

Why do racist Rakhines hate the Rohingya so much? (ရခုိင္လည္း ကုလား အႏြယ္ ဆုိဘဲ)

by Dr. zarni Because the Rakhines are part Kalar themselves. Anti-Rohingya and anti-“Kalar” Ralhines suffer from Hitler Syndrome (Hitler is said to have been part Jewish) ( the same way the general Ne Win, part Chinese, suffered from it towards the Han Chinese). Why do Myanmar’s racists – among the Buddhist Ralhine – hate the […]

Northern Arakan as Rohingya’s Ancestral Land: G.H.Luce Citing the Stone Inscription from Ava Period

Maung Zarni Irrefutable Evidence: Rohingya as Indigenous People of N. Arakan before modern Burma’s emergence. THE ‪#‎ROHINGYA‬ OR ROHINJAS OF PRE-COLONIAL ‪#‎MYANMAR‬ 16 Dec 2015 –Rohinjas were NOT descendants of colonial era “farm coolies” from East Bengal as Myanmar government blatantly lies to the world. Based on the 14th century stone inscriptions, Luce described them […]