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Muslim influence in the kingdom of Arakan

Muslim influence in the kingdom of Arakan Muslim Arakanese or Rohingya are indigenous to Arakan. Having genealogical linkup with the people of Wesali or Vesali kingdom of Arakan, the Rohingya of today are a perfect example of its ancient inhabitants. The early people in Arakan were descended from Aryans. They were Indians resembling the people […]

Dr Francis Buchanan MD and Rohingya

By Aman Ullah On 24th March 1798 Buchanan reached at Choonooty of Chittagong, as Rennell calls, Sunouttee, and then he went Hrvang village, and also Baratulla Valley. There he said, “All the way from Chanpour to Baratulla we have had low hills between us and sea: ….Various parts of the Hills in this neighbourhood are […]

1799 Rohingya or Rooinga Name in Fifth Volume of “A Comparative Vocabulary of Some of the Languages Spoken in the Burma Empire”

A  very important historical proof for Rohingya being in Arakan. Rooinga name is mentioned from page 32 of this pdf file. Show this to those Rakhine and Burmese Historians who said there is no Rohingya name mentioned in 19th Century and tell them to shut the mouth up!

Burmese invasion of Arakan and the rise of non Bengali settlements in Bangladesh

Origin of the Tribes of Chittaging Hill Tract (CHT) By Abid Bahar, Canada Introduction: Arakan was a medieval kingdom located at the edge of South Asia became a province of Burma after the Burmese invasion in 1784 and the subsequent annexation of it with Burma. To the people of India and Bangladesh, Arakan became sadly […]

Rohingya Belong to Arakan and Then Burma

၉၆၉ သံဃကြန္ရက္မ်ား ဖြဲ႕စည္း မႈ ကုိ သာသ နာေရး ၀န္ႀကီး ဌာန က လည္း ခြင့္ျပဳထားျခင္း မရွိ၊ ႏုိင္ငံေတာ္ သံဃနာယက အဖြဲ႕၀င္ ဆရာေတာ္ မ်ား က လည္း သေဘာ မတူ

၉၆၉ သံဃကြန္ရက္မ်ား ဖြဲ႕စည္းမႈကုိ သာသနာေရး ၀န္ႀကီးဌာနကတရား၀င္ ခြင့္ျပဳထားျခင္း မရွိသည့္ အျပင္ ႏုိင္ငံေတာ္ သံဃ နာယကအဖြဲ႕၀င္ ဆရာေတာ္ ၄၇ ပါးကလည္း ၉၆၉ အမွတ္တံဆိပ္ကုိ ဗုဒၶဘာသာ – ၊..အမွတ္တံဆိပ္အျဖစ္ သတ္မွတ္မႈ ကုိ သေဘာမတူသျဖင့္ ေၾကညာခ်က္ ထြက္ရွိလာျခင္းျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း ယင္း၀န္ႀကီးဌာနမွ သိရွိရသည္။ ရန္ကုန္တုိင္းသာသနာေရးဦးစီးဌာနမွ ညႊန္ၾကားေရးမႉး ဦးထြန္းညြန္႔က“၉၆၉ ေတြက သံဃကြန္ရက္ ဖဲြ႔စည္း ေနတာနဲ႔ ပတ္သက္ ၿပီးေတာ့ခြင့္မျပဳဘူး၊ ညႊန္ၾကားခ်က္လည္း ထုတ္မေပးဘူး။ တရားဝင္ခြင့္ျပဳထားတာသံဃ ဂိုဏ္း ၉ ဂိုဏ္းပဲ ရွိတယ္ ဆိုတာ သိရေအာင္ သံဃ အဖဲြ႕အစည္းဆိုင္ရာ ဥပေဒနဲ႔ ထုတ္ျပန္လိုက္တဲ့သေဘာပဲ။ အခုလိုထုတ္ျပန္လိုက္တာ ကို ႏုိင္ငံေတာ္ သံဃ မဟာ နာယကအဖဲြ႕၀င္ဆရာေတာ္ ၄၇ […]

Military roots of racism in Myanmar

Page 1 of 2 By Maung Zarni Over the past year, Myanmar has been plagued by neo-Nazi “Buddhist” racism and organized mob violence targeting the country’s minority Muslims of diverse ethnic and historical backgrounds. At the very heart of Myanmar’s Islamophobic campaign lies the state and its successive senior leaderships, which continue to operate within […]