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The Citizenship Question of the Rohingyas

By Aman Ullah “Everyone has the right to a nationality,” and “no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality.”   Universal Declaration of Human Rights, In January 1947, Aung San led a small delegation to Landon to discuss Burma’s political future. The outcome of this visit was ‘Aung San-Atlee Agreement’, which was signed on 27th […]

The Authenticity of “Rohingya Identity”

To begin this chapter let me start with the quotation of a famous historian. He (Moshe Yegar) writes; “Today Arakanese Muslim calls themselves Rohingya or Roewengya. – – – writers and poets appeared  among the Arakanese Muslims, especially during fifteenth to eighteenth centuries; and there were even some Muslim court poets at the courts of […]

Burma’s constitutional crisis crack up its reform

Posted By: adminPosted date: December 03, 2014In: Burma Times: 03 Dec 2014  By Zin Linn The people of Burma have been wishing for a peaceful and flourishing country since the 1948 independence achievement. But unfortunately, the nation’s independence hero General Aung San was assassinated a year ahead of independence. As a result, civil wars throughout […]

President signs amendment to party registration law

By Bill O’Toole   |   Thursday, 02 October 2014 President U Thein Sein has signed off on a controversial amendment to an electoral law that will ban “temporary citizens” from forming or joining political parties.  The bill to amend the Political Parties Registration Law was sent to the President’s Office on September 26, after being approved by both […]

The Present Government and 1982 Citizenship Law

Aman Ullah RB Article September 24, 2014 The draft of the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship law was approved and passed by the third session of the Third Pyithu Hluttaw and promulgated by the Chairman of the Council of State, on 15 October 1982, “after long six years deliberation within the top echelons of party and state […]

1982 Citizenship Law of Burma: Is or Isn’t It Applicable Today?

By M.S. Anwar May 5, 2013, rvisiontv.comA lot has been said and written about and against 1982 Citizenship Law of Burma. Many, in fact, the whole world excluding few racist bigots and fascists in Burma, say that the law clearly violates the Article No. 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The Article No. 15 […]

1982 Citizenship Law of Myanmar and Myanmar’s Popular Racism

BY TRANSCEND MEMBERS, 26 August 2013 by Maung Zarni – TRANSCEND Media Service Burma’s military-controlled State rests on the country’s official racism towards Burmese of ‘impure blood’. Scholars and policy analysts of Myanmar need to stop characterizing violence and racism against Muslims, ‘Kalars’ and Tayoke (Chinese) as simply ‘sectarian’ or placing undue emphasis on the […]

Burma Citizenship Law

Publisher National Legislative Bodies Author Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma Publication Date 15 October 1982 Reference MMR-130 Cite as Burma Citizenship Law [],  15 October 1982, available at: %5Baccessed 17 August 2014] Comments This is an unofficial translation of the Act, the Pyithu Hluttaw Law No. 4 of 1982. Published in “Working People’s Daily”, 16 […]